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Welcome to rams 4 ewe!

Innovis has developed Rams4ewe to assist you in sourcing the ram semen that is available from our semen stores. Semen is available from more than 100 rams from at least 16 different breeds, including Terminal sires and Rare breeds and from performance recorded rams and show winners.

To order semen through rams4ewe, simply click on a breed and follow the screen prompts.
• Click on the ram photograph or the "More" button for a fuller description.
• You can order online at the bottom of that page and either continue shopping for other semen or go directly to the Checkout
• You will be asked for a few details to enable your order to be processed. You should then print the order form, sign it and the post/fax back to Innovis
• Once we receive your signed order we will contact the owner of the semen who will invoice you directly and advise us if the semen can be released. Please note that you will be invoiced by Innovis for the semen handling on receipt of your order (Innovis AI clients will have semen handling charges added to their AI invoice for payment on the day).

To advertise your ram on rams4ewe “Commission free” click on the “How to advertise your ram” button on this page. We look forward to receiving your order.

Happy shopping!

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For our overseas visitors to the site who would like to export semen please click on the relevent symbol below for our range of eligible semen.

For further information please see our exports sections.

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